Australian Shuffleboards

The Australian Shuffleboard or ‘Royal Cushion’ Shuffleboard is a clean looking gaming table with metallic edging.

The cabinet is made from an MDF with Timber veneer finish. The playing field is MDF with a solid melamine coating.

Australian Shuffleboards are relatively light and easily installed. They come in two sizes 12ft and 9ft






We are specialists in the design and manufacture of Australia’s finest Shuffleboards.

Included options for your Shuffleboard include castor wheels, or permanent self leveling feet. The playing field comes in either woodgrain, or lawn bowls finishes, or can be customised to your design. Any purchase or lease comes with a set of eight playing pucks (four red and four blue), two bottles of Shuffle Powder, a Standard scoreboard and a User guide.

We Design, Manufacture & Sell Shuffleboards

All our Australian Shuffleboards are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

We ensure everything is set up correctly and carefully to ensure your players maximise their enjoyment.

All you need to do is choose from either our  12ft, or 9ft table range depending on your desired location.


Shuffleboard is perfectly suited to Retirement Living. The relaxed yet highly competitive game play ensures your Shuffleboard will be a focal point in the community halls and club houses of your retirement community.


Shuffleboard is a great addition to any office work space. Help build employee satisfaction through Shuffleboard. Great for a bonding activity at the end of a strenuous week or vehicle to build relationships with your customers. Employees are the most valuable asset a business has. Employee satisfaction is factoring much more into people choosing where they work. .


Private occasions like Birthdays and Weddings or international conferences, Shuffleboard will ensure your event is memorable for all those who attend.

Licensed Venues

Shuffleboard is a great game to enjoy with friends on any social occasion. Increasingly Pubs and Clubs are looking for a point of difference to attract new patrons and keep them on site longer. Shuffleboard is the perfect activity for this.


Whether as a convenient addition to a schools sporting program or as an educational tool, Shuffleboard is a versatile game that offers your school a unique vehicle for interaction and education.


Shuffleboard doesn’t discriminate allowing people of all ages and abilities to participate. Funding Assistance may be available for your not for profit venue to participate in Shuffleboard.

Choosing Your Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is a great game that will provide hours of fun playing. Before proceeding with your lease or purchase there are a few key things to check..

Unlike a pool table, a Shuffleboard only requires access to 3 of its 4 sides to play.

Typically Shuffleboards are positioned alongside a wall.

To play the game a minimum of one metre is required at each end of the Shuffleboard. The following are  our recommended space requirements for your Shuffleboard :-

  • 12ft Tables – (Total length 5.5m positioning one side of the Shuffleboard 20mm offset from wall)
  • 9ft Tables – (Total length 4.7m positioning one side of the Shuffleboard 20mm offset from wall)

Your Shuffleboard needs a close to level surface. If your Shuffleboard has wheels the brakes should be applied at all times when in position.

Surfaces such as carpet or vinyl flooring will change the level of the Shuffleboard over time. This can be remedied by referring to the leveling instructions.

When moving your shuffleboard between surfaces ensure to gently take the weight when going over uneven surfaces. Shuffleboards should only be moved at a slow and steady pace.

Shuffleboards should only be erected at the end location. Most ground level installs will only require a standard width door access to allow the playing surface and frame to be carried to position.

When installing shuffleboards above ground level ensure you have four people available to assist in carrying the elements upstairs.

Measure your access prior to commencing installation to ensure you have sufficient clearance to pivot the frame 3510 x 960mm through your stairwell. If available a goods lift should be used.

Shuffleboard is an indoor sport.

A gentle breeze can affect game play and shift the Shuffle Powder around.

Ensure no direct draught impacts on the positioning of your shuffleboard. Air conditioning units and fans positioned at or over the Shuffleboard will affect game play.

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