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Shuffleboard is a centuries old game played the world over. It evolved out of a medieval leisure activity in 15th Century, where people would slide a penny or ‘groat’ up the length of a long table. The games became more sophisticated and made its way from medieval Europe to America where it really took off.

Versions of Shuffleboard including Deck Shuffleboard popular on cruise ships and Traditional Table Shuffleboard synonymise with American Bars are played by people of all ages, abilities and social standing.

Shuffleboard is played by sliding a weight or puck up the length of a table with the objective of landing your puck as far up the length of the table without falling into the ditch at the end or on the sides. There are scoring variations however the most common version is similar to lawn bowls.

Australian Shuffleboard or ‘Royal Cushion’ is a variation of the game that evolved out of a necessity for space. With original Shuffleboards being up to 22ft long, Royal Cushion Shuffleboard added the variable of a side cushion or ‘bank’. This allowed the variance in delivery of a puck over a shorter distance. It also brought into play the corners of a table hence the higher scoring zones.

Most Shuffleboard’s of both the traditional make and ‘Royal Bank’ build is around 12ft in length. Whatever the size or style, Shuffleboard is a game that everyone can play and guaranteed to bring hours of entertainment.


Frequently Asked Questions

How To Play

Traditional Shuffleboard 

The objective of Shuffleboard is to slide your pucks up the playing surface as far as possible without
falling into the end ditch. The further the puck slides the higher the potential score. Played against
an opponent or team, turns are taken until all 8 pucks have been shuffled with the team’s pucks
closest to the end of the table scoring points.
Once 8 pucks in an alternate fashion have been played this is the conclusion of the first end. Players
will then walk to the other end of the shuffleboard to play their pucks back down the table for the
second end. Alternatively, their team mates will play the pucks back down the table for the second


Scores are allocated to a team once all 8 pucks have been Shuffled or at the conclusion of an end.
Only one team or player scores points per end determined by the colour of the pucks that are
furthest advanced up the table. An opponent’s puck that is not further advanced up the table than
yours will not score points in an end but will negate points allocated to any of your remaining pucks
behind it.
A puck must be completely in a scoring zone to score that number of points. If a puck is on the line
between scoring zones it scores the lower number. E.G a puck that sits on the line between the 2
and 3 zone scores 2.
A puck that hangs over the end of the playing surface attracts bonus points as follows
* Hanging over the edge of the 3 zone scores 4 points
* Hanging over the edge of the 5 zone scores 10 points

Game Variations

Horse Collar Shuffleboard
Horse Collar is a variation of Shuffleboard where players play against multiple players or teams as opposed to one other player or team. Horse collar is played as follows :-

  • Player 1 shuffles all 8 pucks up the table one by one. The score is the tallied and allocated.
  • Player 2 plays back down the board in the same fashion achieving a score.
  • Player 3 then plays back up the board as above and this process is repeated until all players have had a turn and registered a score.
  • The player withe the highest aggregate score wins the game
    • If the top 2 or 3 players registered the same score they have another turn of shuffling the 8 pucks until they can be separated.

Horse collar is a good variation to allow a larger audience to participate


Utility Tables
How to install a Shuffleboard
How to Maintain a Shuffleboard After Installation 

It is important to keep the shuffleboard well maintained at all times and ready for play at any time. If you use your shuffleboard on a daily basis as many places do, you need to sprinkle fresh “Speed Powder” on before the start of play each day and as needed during play but only at the end of each game, not between ends of between shots.

Should anything unforeseen get spilt on your shuffleboard you will need to sweep all the old powder off the table, dry it off then polish the whole playing surface with the “Aussie Glaze” polish and fresh “Speed Powder”.

Weekly Maintenance
Clean off all powder from the playing surface and discard.

With “Aussie Glaze” polish, with just a few squirts on each end of the playing surface, using a dry towel is best, polish each end one at a time.

Then also using the “Aussie Glaze” polish all the frame just a small section at a time, including the legs and all the stainless steel capping and corners. This keeps your shuffleboard in tip top condition and ready for use anytime.

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