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The Sport Everyone Can Play….


‘Participating in competitive team sport can provide a great sense of achievement and social inclusion. Australian Shuffleboard provides this opportunity to people of all ages, including our country’s most valuable asset, our senior Australians.’

Steve Mortimer OAM

Any Age


Any Ability


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Something For Everyone!

Shuffleboard doesn’t discriminate and can be played by people of all ages and ability equally.

While it’s great fun for everyone, Shuffleboard has been proven to contribute to the health and well being of seniors and people with mental and/or physical disabilities.

(reference: Prof. John McCallum, Western Sydney University, 1998).

For many it is the only physical activity they can participate in. Shuffleboard is also a fantastic spectator sport.

Shuffleboard’s simple rules and engaging match play leave audiences excited and becoming emotionally involved as a potential winning  puck is shuffling up the table.


Why not play now ?

Shuffleboard is a table game that evolved from a medieval leisure activity in England in the 16th century to today’s most captivating indoor sport for all ages.

Shuffleboard is a team sport played on a 12ft timber table where participants slide metal pucks along the playing surface aiming for their puck to stop as far into the scoring zone as possible without falling into the ditch.

The further the puck, the higher the score.

With similar scoring and principles to bowls, it is an easy to understand and easy to play game for everyone !


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Shuffleboarders enjoy a game that can be as simple or as complex as you wish, answers to your playing questions can be found below.

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Everyone can play…

Anyone can win !

We all love to play and watch Shuffleboard, because its easy.

The exciting gameplay and frictionless gliding pucks enthrall everyone, even the spectators.

Are you our next champion ?


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